A good education is a key foundation to a successful life. When quality education is made accessible to everyone, a nation can count on enhancing their economic and social  development. It is important to continue to gain new skills in the face of new technological advancements and to meet the business demands of the 21st century.  


The residents of Ventura County are blessed with a myriad of educational choices. Students do not have to go to neighboring counties or far away to get a quality education at any level. Ventura County has made it very easy to partake in lifelong learning.



Detailed data on education statistics and general information for Ventura County and California, can be gained by accessing the following web sites


IES National Center for Education Statistics or

California Department of Education


Student Aid

California is committed to make a postsecondary education within the financial reach of all residents.  

More information is available on the California Student Aid Commission web site.  

K-12 Public Schools

There are approximately 208 public schools in the 21 school districts in Ventura County .   The complete Ventura County Public Schools Directory published by the Ventura County Office of Education is posted on the Internet at

Ventura County Office of Education K-12

5189 Verdugo Way
Camarillo , CA 93012-8603

Phone: (805) 383-1900


Additionally, there are also a number of private schools in Ventura County.


Higher Education Facilities include

Community Colleges

Moorpark College                  

7075 Campus Rd.                    

Moorpark, CA                                  

(805) 378-1400                                 

Oxnard College

4000 South Rose Ave.

Oxnard, CA    

(805) 986-5800

Ventura College

4667 Telegraph Rd.

Ventura, CA

(805) 654-6400


Technical/Trade/Vocational Schools

Santa Barbara Business College

4839 Market St.

(805) 339-2999

Ventura, CA

Oxnard Charter College

2000 Outlet Center Dr.

(805) 973-1240

ITT Technical Institute

2051 Solar Dr.

Oxnard, CA

(805) 988-0143

Laurus College

2351 Lockwood St.

Oxnard, CA

(805) 267-1691

Brookes Institute of Photography

Ventura Campus

5301 North Ventura Ave.

(805) 585-8000

Public Four-Year Institutions

California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)

1 University drive

Camarillo, CA

(805) 437-8400

University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)

Ventura Center

3585 Maple Street Suite 112

Ventura, CA

(805) 644-726

Private Four-Year Institutions

California Lutheran University

W. Olsen Rd.

Thousand Oaks, CA

(805) 485-6426

DeVry University

300 East Esplanade Dr.

Oxnard, CA

(886) 623-9266   

Thomas Aquinas College

10000 Ojai Rd.

Santa Paula, CA

(805) 525-4417

University of La Verne

2001 Solar Dr. Suite 250

Oxnard, CA

(805) 981-8030

Ventura College of Law

4475 Market St.

Ventura, CA

(805) 658-0511

World University of America, Ojai

107 North Ventura St.

Ojai, CA

(805) 646-1444






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